Tugas Bahasa Inggris Bisnis 2

My opinion about my friends opinion to me

First, I want to introduce my self.

My name is Devi

I was born at 31 december 1988

I live at Jakarta

And I am studying at Gunadarma university until now.

I am  a second child in my family.

So  lets talk about my friends opinion for me

all of them call me “empii”.  That’s my nick name from them and of course I love that name.

They tell me, I was a good friend for them.  I like to listen what they problem and what they feel when they happy or down to something sad, and I always try to give them solution or advice or just make them laugh.  They like to talk they family problem or most of them tell me about they love life.

They also tell me that I have a short memory.  I am easily to forget something in the past time.  I think maybe it is true because sometimes I feel I can’t understand what they talked about.  Maybe like an error connection in my head.

My friends call me “LOLA” or “Loading Lama”.  They always laugh if they called me like that.  It is because I have a long loading memory if my friends tell me something.  I must have a long time to think what they want from me.  This is really  bad for me.

They tell me that I am a  smart girl and really friendly with another people.  I like to know many kind of people because it help me know many character of human.  It is really fun to know each other, and we have   lot of benefit if we have a lot of friends.  They can help us if we in trouble.

And then, my friends tell me that I am really a patient person, but I feel it is not completely true.  I can angry just like another people.  Maybe the different is how I express my angry.  I just really appreciate my relation with them (my friends).  I believe that have a good friends is hard to find.  So, I hope i can make them always comfortable if they with me.

Some of them know that I like to write a poem.  They said I have written a beautiful poem, and it is make me shy if they said like that to me.  Making a poem is not  difficult thing.  We must use our deep feeling to create a good poem.

They also know too that a love to listen music, read a novel specially Harry Potter and  watch a movie but not a romantic movie.  They  know that I will sleep if I watch it, because I feel, sometimes a romantic movie is really make me bored.

They said that I don’t have a sensitive feeling.

maybe this is just a short story about me.

if there a wrong sentence in this story, you can gime me apologize.

thank you